Scottish Comedy Football Club Podcast

The first podcast to be recorded in front of a live audience! Joining host Teddy at Edinburgh's Beehive Inn (home of The Scottish Comedy Festival) during the Fringe were Gordon Alexander (@GoAlexander), Richard Hunter (@tricky308), and Owen McGuire (@Owen_31).

Not only is this the first episode recorded in front of actual humans (rather than Jim Park or Gordon's cats)'s also our most heavily edited one ever!

Don't let that put you off though.

The guys talk loan signings, star players leaving, and those unfortunate comparisons that managers always seem to make about young players and world stars. is a site set up to showcast football writing from members of the Scottish circuit so please check it out, follow us on Twitter (@ScotComFC for gags and links) and subscribe to the podcast either via iTunes or Libsyn.

Scottish comedians. World Game. 

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