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Joining host Teddy (@ComedyTeddy) on this episode are twins Andy (@toddandy) & Iain Todd (@iainmacivertodd) who do dress differently apart from in their choice of scarves when going to see their joint-teams of Celtic & Queens Park. It’s nice to support at least one club that enjoys playing at Hampden…

Making his pod debut is the exception that proves the rule for the pod…he’s not a comedian. Michael Park (@SawkerNews) set up sadly missed football site Scheidt’s Footballing Miscellany, the demise of which inspired Hence, he’s not a comedian but he gets a pass.

This episode include moves to emerging leagues going wrong, the role of the back-up keeper…and a lot of unnecessary Eastern Bloc facts from the host.

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Remember: Scottish comedians, world game.

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Host Teddy is joined in the salubrious surroundings of Telford College (for a podcast that's higher in audio quality than most episodes...but just as low as the rest in terms of tone) by Celtic & Arsenal fan Gareth Waugh (@GarethWaugh), Rangers fan and ex-Exploited drummer Jim Park (@JimPark99) and Accies fan Owen McGuire.

Topics include Ballboy-gate, Wingers, Sir Alex's temper and more nonsense. is the football site written by comedians on the Scottish circuit and you can also follow us at @ScotComFC, like us on Facebook (search 'Scottish Comedy FC') and you can even drop us an email at

Scottish comedians. World game.

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The Scottish Comedy FC podcast turns 30! Rather than celebrate with cocaine and hookers, we celebrate by visiting Owen McGuire’s pad and having occasional contributions from his dog, Benji.

Joining Owen and host Teddy are two pod debutants. Liam Withnail used to sell fanzines outside Upton Park and is, as you’d expect, a West Ham fan. Adding a more lyrical touch than usual to the pod is Man Utd fan, comedian, poet and storyteller Richard Hanrahan.

The theme of this episode? Ritual disembowelment. No, we’re not sure what happened there either. Just have a listen. is the football site written by comedians on the Scottish circuit. Despite that, we’re not just talking Scottish football. Scottish comedians, world game.

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After a lay-off so long that we'd become the podcast version of Sebastien Rozental, the podcast returns!

Host Teddy (@ComedyTeddy) is joined by Hibs & Newcastle fan Richard Hunter (@tricky308), Rangers fan Ross Leslie (@mister_ross_leslie) and Accies diehard Owen McGuire (@Owen_McGuire).

Topics include the mooted league reconstruction in Scotland, players who move for the money, players who go off the rails and managers who move from Scotland to England but don't quite cut it.

Scottish Comedy FC is the football site written by Scottish comedians. Despite that, we're not just talking about Scottish football. Scottish comedians, world game.

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